The Power of the Inner Man



I pray for you and truly many times I wonder how you came this far without any visible help. I am a man that has fought battles from my teenage years and now in my peak of life battles I still wish to have help. How I wish I could draw more help from my inner person, many times my most dependable source of help, my inner man is more than able but my physical senses are too anxious, paying too much attention to the noise around. My inner  man, super help provider, ever connected to my original source of life is inactive. I pray daily that my physical senses will Believe and rediscover my inner man. From the womb of my beloved Mother my heart started to beat, my heart is the center of my inner man, why do I listen more to the lifeless noise and not the power of my life providing heartbeat. As I practice the strength of my inner man, listen to the heartbeat and the flow of oxygen into my internal organs, I will  practice to know more and rely more on my inner helper and less on the noise outside of me.

Your help has always been here.

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