There is without doubt so much on our minds. Cumulatively, they are breaking our mental scale. So let’s ignore all of them and concentrate on only one. I have chosen this because I believe by sharing; I will mostly likely be easing your mind too considering the fact that it is an old challenge crying for an eternal solution. I am talking about criminality. What really amounts to a crime? Is it only any or all of those behaviors’ that have been curated by society as forbidden? What about those that we criminally omitted from the books? Whose responsibility is it to rid society of the scourge? Is it possible to rid society of it in the light of the fact that crime has some economic benefits albeit arguable? You obviously have a lot of questions too but where are the answers? We are silent not because we have nothing to say but because we have lost our voices to the scalding heat of our collective crime.

crime scene tape with blurred forensic in cinematic tone

Did you listen to the radio today? Watched the news? Wished we could abolish their existence but truth be told, even if we do not hear about them, they would still exist and unsurprisingly in our backyards. We erect magnificent structures, set up high walls and call everyone else outside our territory “common criminals”. Okay, we are right, but let’s get to know these common criminals a little more than we already do so that we can always be one step ahead of them.  For this exercise, we must ask who they are, where they come from, and what they want.

Who are Criminals? They are those that do not know better. People that do not know how to think critically, create wealth; add value and find peace. Do we know better? Are we thinking critically about every move we plan to make? Are we really creating value or dissipating energy? Do we genuinely have peace? Are you sure you are not a criminal? We in our capacity as corporate service providers assume we know better when we refuse to execute our mandate but divert the funds to personal comfort. As teachers we short-change our students by not showing up for classes until two weeks to exams. As doctors we prescribe unapproved drugs that are still in testing because a pharmaceutical company has paid for our vacation somewhere in the Alps. For every action, there is a reaction as well as an observation. The universe is watching.

Where are Criminals From? Everywhere! They have brothers, sisters and friends; neighbors and role models (believe me when I say you are related). They honestly do not come exclusively from the pit of hell but also from the crevices of our inactions. For every time we fail or refuse to do what we are supposed to do to advance society, we create a criminal that no doubt carries a fraction of our social DNA and possibly more. So in truth, we are Dr. Frankenstein and have no moral high ground upon which to stand to criticize.

What do they want? Probably, just the chances that you took from them and some interest at the prevailing LIBOR rate. They do not want the drugs and candy only. They want the same thing you want and that is happiness. They want to be able to provide for their loved ones just like you. Candidly, don’t we all deserve to be happy? All we do in life is in pursuit of happiness; we can end this perpetual race by simply giving the basic opportunity they can leverage on to be happy. It is a cold, cold world and everybody is trying to get some warmth. It is either we collectively share the blanket or see it get stolen, ripped and watch our whole world freeze.

ruins of a city

Please do not get me wrong, every individual is responsible for his or her own actions and inaction;  so we all must work and seek economic liberation only within the ambit of the law. There is no justification whatsoever for acts of criminality I totally understand that we were born separately, but then again we share the same space. As opportuned people, we owe it to ourselves to be contented with life, look beyond our noses and see that it is only by empowering others that we empower ourselves. We must give people the tools to think critically, create wealth and attain inner peace so that there will reduced conflict among us (prey and predator). Listen to your environment, communicate with it and genuinely care for it (please not for the camera). Use your position to advance society because anything short of that is criminal.




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  1. Tonye says:

    Empowering others is to empower ourselves.

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