A ladder for a bushel.

When you are fully formed, your plans and actions are reliant on what you want out of life. My choice is to be a ladder for a bushel, and a lantern to many more I have a multitude depending on me and expectations will never diminish. If I fail, many will flounder; struggle to recover….

“WE” and “THEM”

Language as a vehicle of communication for a given culture is by its nature unique. It however has certain universal expressions that without doubt are the root causes of the challenges of our world today. I am talking about “We” and “Them”, words that highlight class; the classic reason for virtually all clashes. What we create is a class division along religious, ethnic, social, economic and political lines. One is therefore either a majority or minority, weak or strong and the feud between “We” and “Them” is an endless one where there are no rules. Most times, minorities are relegated or assigned to the lower strata of life while the majority occupy the other extreme.