A ladder for a bushel.

When you are fully formed,

your plans and actions are reliant on what you want out of life.

My choice is to be a ladder for a bushel,

and a lantern to many more

I have a multitude depending on me

and expectations will never diminish.

If I fail, many will flounder;

struggle to recover.


The weight of obligation to see others flourish

keeps threatening to break the scale

But the thrill of these daily struggles and victories is enough reason not to be afraid.

When the storm rages,

I must out set to confront Anemoi

cos my failure to defy the storm prophesies doom for many;

those that I love and those that have courted me.


We just have to fight;

Our parents made us orphans;

Long before we became one by choice,

for all the right reasons I am sure

Life’s hard lessons we face daily

We are blessed for it,

We will overcome.

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  1. Nana says:

    Reading this will melt your heart…God Job Sir

  2. Ibe says:

    God continually give you wisdom to carry out this

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