And the Night woke.

And the Night woke while the day raced to dawn:

Man is awake while the night is asleep

all creatures must harvest and recover lost energy.

Man is awake due to the beauty of the silence of night.

Man is awake to earn the wisdom distilled by the hush of the night.

The beauty and blessings of the dead of night;

is beyond the man without sense of the value of every passing hour.

Greatness calls on the man that will conquer the sweetness of the calming romance of the reticent night.

As I wake to resist the silent romance of the soothing caress of the beautiful night,

I am rewarded with a lesson on the beauty of the night beyond sleep.

Wake and enjoy the allure of knowing nature’s excellence;

Cos beyond beauty sleep lays the dead of the night.

As I scrawled with poignant pictures of the night,

I heard voices in deep agony of a civic adventure in No. 10.

I also heard roaring mixed reactions from the creeks

and I woke in solidarity with comrades at war on this special night.

You are blessed for the night of 3rd 4th of the 9th Month in ordinary times will not be ordinary as crucial adventures are on,

The night is awake and the day pushes even faster,

many pray for deferred dawn for the arrival of the day.

Beauty, sleep no more for your heroes ‘re getting ready for war,

A war! Yes, a war that will change your world.

It is a war of people’s identities and rights,

new Heroes will be born this night of the 3rd and 4th of 9;

In celebration of a special night of true struggle for power.

This Night has its first casualty in Westminster and there is no sleep in No.10,

you are the heroes of the Night beauty silence.

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