NIGERIA: Taking advantage of the advantage

The year 2020 has been described with several adjectives, notable amongst several; “a horror movie” As the year unfolds and rightly so considering the series and sequence of events, the COVID-19 pandemic is unanimously recognized as the standout performer in a local Wuhan play that has successfully been franchised for a global audience. The media…

A ladder for a bushel.

When you are fully formed, your plans and actions are reliant on what you want out of life. My choice is to be a ladder for a bushel, and a lantern to many more I have a multitude depending on me and expectations will never diminish. If I fail, many will flounder; struggle to recover….

The Vantage Point

We live in a time of incredible change. Borders are dissolving and bringing continents into a single community. These changes have inherent threats, as well as opportunities. Countries are realizing that the Comparative Advantage argument does not hold water anymore. There is an emergence of a new vantage point, which is called the Knowledge Economy….