A Sinking Ship

Nigeria reminds me so much about James Cameron’s 1998 movie “Titanic” with the mixture of fortunes and of course the hobnobs choice passengers had. She can indeed be likened to a ship which set sail some fifty five (55) nautical miles from her present location to a destination that is the dream of all passengers….

The Real Loser

From time to time in the course of human history and development, very often there occur happenings of truly seismic magnitude. These are most times epiphanic hence triggering a turning point between one crucial event and another, when one orthodoxy ousts another. What is expressed about such is rarely conspicuous. As events unfold, it becomes…

Nigeria, heaven on earth

I have been privileged to listen to some of the most intelligent Nigerians, and non-Nigerians, talk about Nigeria and their dreams for the nation. The speakers are not limited to politicians, doctors, lawyers, farmers and traders; everyone has intelligent options for Nigeria and the usual questions are why Nigeria is not like: