The Real Loser


From time to time in the course of human history and development, very often there occur happenings of truly seismic magnitude. These are most times epiphanic hence triggering a turning point between one crucial event and another, when one orthodoxy ousts another. What is expressed about such is rarely conspicuous. As events unfold, it becomes crystal clear but only on reconsideration when viewed from an historical standpoint.

The concepts of money and power have since time immemorial hijacked the sanity of the world, hence the descent of global peace. For as long as we have and continue to have interests as a people, the desire to acquire and control will always shadow us and of course cause implosions. The remote cause is encapsulated in one word- Freedom. Freedom to be, think, choose and do so much more. The American civil war between the union and the confederacy, the bathe of the three emperors and of course the Nigerian civil war all remind us of the importance of peace and freedom.

Many might not view the happenings of the 2015 Nigerian Presidential Elections as a war but it was by no means less. In Africa, there is a saying that “when two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers”. Truly, this has been the sorry condition of the Nigerian masses over the years. In 2015, the politicians for once in the history of Nigeria met their waterloo. Put simply, the politician lost.

The political landscape in Nigeria has been such that the politician thrived on chaos by highlighting and stretching socio- cultural dissimilarities, status differences, religion among others. Basically instilling fear in the society, during such periods, I bet the blood pressure/ pulse of the nation is abnormally high. Prior to the election, both sides of the divide were preparing for crisis as they threatened running parallel governments and even war.

Fortunately, at the end of the day, what we saw was no longer a battle but a sports scene where the champions were neither politician of the divide but the masses. Masses that have evolved due to the effects of numerous variables and haven attained a relative level of maturity in their political awareness. The  defeat of the Nigerian politician is evidenced in the manner President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan disappointed the typical political player by doing something never done before- conceding defeat and congratulating his adversary, President- Elect, General Mohammadu Buhari (Rtd). This act made the hell in Nigeria freeze over. With the birth of the new era, some believe that the camp of the incoming Administration won, but truth be told , the character of the President- Elect which is devoid of vanity and frivolities heaps more coal on the head of the typical Nigerian politician.

In reality, the trophy won is the evolution of a different environment; one that is decent and relatively stable because the seat was not lost or won by any of the candidates. The politician lost and Nigeria won.



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  2. Ebi. Fumudoh says:

    Great piece! A New Era has been birthed in Nigeria, designed by GEJ for production by GMB. Neither of them is a ‘politician’. The politicians actually lost out.

  3. opute eric says:

    The real “LOSER” I am still filtering through the daunting and in no less intimidating corollary of the 2015 election in Nigeria in all facets of the Nation. The Nation gear stick is on “P”(park) hence the nation has lost some momentum for a positive lift off or a crash. The next time the new (or same old folks) drivers of the economy will engage the gear stick the picture will be clearer.

  4. Taiwo Elegba says:

    Ken and All,

    We have to be careful.
    We must remain vigilant.
    It is not yet Uhuru !


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